About Highway 6

Highway 6

Highway 6 stretches 170 kilometers from the Northern En Tut Interchange to The Southern Ma’ahaz Interchange (of which 35 km stretch south of the Soreq interchange is toll free). Along the highway are 20 interchanges, 150 bridges, and 2 bi-directional tunnels – the first is about half a kilometer long in the Tel Hadid area, and the second is about 350 meter long in the Givat Nili area. In addition, along the highway there are 4 rest stops which include gas stations, restaurants, and convenience stores. Drivers enjoy a rich, convenient, and safe traveling experience with a speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour.

Electronic Toll Road

Highway 6 operates as an electronic toll road with no barriers at entrances or exits and no traffic lights which allows for uninterrupted trips. Advanced computerized information systems installed along the highway include electronic tollgates, identify vehicles, categorize types of fees (subscription or unregistered) and calculate the number of highway sections each vehicle travels. Every trip is automatically tabulated and invoiced.

Highway 6 - Introduction Highway 6 – Introduction film

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