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Derech Eretz, which operates Highway 6, manages the toll & traffic control systems, provides service for highway customers and is responsible for landscaping, repairing breakdowns, immediate response to emergency situations, toll collection and marketing.

– To ensure safe travel and optimum traffic flow, advanced control systems are used along the highway while patrol cars monitor any obstacles 24 hours a day. Cameras are deployed along the highway, to locate all impediments in real time which allow for timely repairs and/or removals as warranted. The company conducts ongoing maintenance and checks road repairs, safety barriers, signposts, paint quality etc. Periodical testing and monitoring of noise levels, wear and tear and air pollution are also carried out.

Environmental Protection
– About USD 90 million have been invested in the highway’s surroundings. Among other things, the company is in charge of some 10,000 dunams of green areas, maintained with an emphasis on nurturing the environment based on international standards, protecting Israel’s natural beauty and minimizing ecological damage. The highest standards of landscaping are maintained on Highway 6
and the company was awarded a prestigious international prize for environmental quality and protection.

Handling Emergency Situations
– Highway 6’s operation center, manned around the clock, 365 days a year, coordinates all information relating to safety and uninterrupted travel along the road. Once notified of a potential obstacle or incident, the control room immediately dispatches teams as to minimize disruptions. In these incidents, the company fully cooperates with Israeli security authorities (police, ambulance services, fire department and others).

Customer Service on the Highway
– Travelers on highway 6 are never alone. The patrol teams also provide assistance to travelers in need. As part of this service, travelers get free roadside assistance to change tires, call tow trucks, fill gas, water and oil.

Call & Service Centers
– The company operates a customer service Call Center, comprised of computerized response and service representatives. The company has eight service centers throughout the country. The service network provides responses for: general information about the highway and traveling along it; customer billing; payments; subscription tracks and more.

Online Customer Service
– Highway 6 website enables online bill payment, subscription & account information, e-billing and implementing various actions for the subscriber’s account.

– Highway 6 is an electronic toll road. Tolls are collected, according to the post pay model, weeks after the vehicle drives on the highway. The company utilizes a debit collecting platform comprised of personnel and information systems which deals with customers on all levels, while abiding by the Israeli Toll Highways law and regulations.

Cooperation with the Carmel Tunnels – At the beginning of December 2010 Carmel Tunnel Project was opened. Derech Eretz Highways management corporation - the operator of road 6 works in full cooperation with Hacarmel Lanes Systems and operator Ltd. – the operator of Carmel tunnels, in giving services to joint customers of both projects.

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